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      Outhouses can only be human powered.  No electric, solar or gas-powered assistance. Outhouses must have 4 walls, roof, doorway and a seat with at least one hole.  It may have a door, but the door must remain securely open during the race. Outhouse must be a minimum of 9 square feet at the base and a maximum overall width not to exceed 6 feet including grasping or pushing devices.  A minimum height of 5 feet from the floor to the highest point of the roof. Any number and size of wheels or skis may be used. Any device for pushing or pulling the Outhouse may be used except ropes.  All pushing or pulling devices must be secured solid. Outhouses may be built from any material but glass and must be structurally sound. Each entry must have an Outhouse name that is to be displayed on each side of the structure.  Sponsors names may be displayed anywhere on the outside.
There are 3 age divisions:

Division 1: 12-25 YRS.    Division 2: 26-45 YRS.      Division 3: 46YRS. and over*

  • Age divisions will be determined by the average team ages.  Add all team members’ ages and divide by the number of team members. If you don’t have a racing Outhouse, one can be provided. 
  • The Nemo Guest Ranch has a shared Outhouse, the THUNDERBOX.  Team members can quickly decorate it with their team’s theme banners before their race run (staples work best)
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