Nemo 500 Outhouse Races
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Put together a team and build a racing outhouse!
Otherwise, please come as a spectator... it's going to be a blast! Proceeds provide support for the NAJA Shrine Kid's Transportation.
Call Troy at 605-578-2708.

Nemo 500 Outhouse Races - 2016

The 10th Annual Nemo 500 Outhouse Races held on February 27, 2016.

Video highlights of the day! We have photos on this page as well.

Nemo '500' Outhouse Races - 2016

The event was held at The NEMO Guest Ranch and hosted by Troy and Willie Saye to benefit THE NAJA SHRINE CHILDREN'S TRANSPORTATION FUND.

We'll have a short clip of the "Winners Trophy Presentation" soon!

Thank you to every one

2016 Outhouse Race